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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

8/23 Santa Barbara Vacation

Tomorrow we leave SB for the Channel Islands for some much needed down time. We finished all our must do projects and were able to find a sail maker to help us with our batten problems. We ended up at Paxton Sail and Canvas today using his loft space and expertise to oversee four new battens and a repaired torn batten pocket.
The other big job of our time so far here in SB was to find and purchase two full sets of dive gear. Bill and I got our certification in Seattle one early winter right before we flew to Kauai for our wedding. Since then we have only gone diving during our warm weather vacations. Now that we will be in warm water more regularly we decided to finally purchase our own gear. It will be wonderful to be able to dive whenever and where ever we choose. We bought a small dive compressor before we left Seattle just so we would have the luxury of filling tanks whenever we want!
We will return from the islands on Saturday in time to get out gear over to the dive boat for an early Sunday three tank boat dive. We have been so busy working on the boat it has been a couple of years since we dove. Plus having all new equipment it seemed wise to have our first time out again be in the company of other divers instead of in some remote anchorage all alone.

With that I am off to sleep. Will write again soon and tell you all about our vacation and about the dive! Keep your fingers crossed for dolphins!

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