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Friday, May 27, 2011

5/26 Alone in Guaymas

Tonight I am aboard alone in Guaymas with Bill back in Seattle handling some business. It was an unexpected trip but was worth the time and trouble. We had sailed from Playa Santispac to Bahia Santa Domingo because we had heard that it was possible to pick up cell coverage there. When we arrived in the early afternoon Bill opened his mail and found out there was a bit of a snafu back home that couldn't be handled from Mexico. The coverage was patchy and so unable to do mcuh to handle the problem we set sail across the Sea to Guaymas. Back in the land of the internet we set out to try and arrange a trip home.

it was going to take a ten hour bus ride from Guaymas to the US, one night in Phoenix and an early flight to Seattle all for a rather exhorbinant price. I would have loved to get home for even a short visit but the money we could save if I stayed will be enough for both of us to take a trip back in August or September when the heat really settles down on the Sea. So, I loaded him down with snacks for the trip, kissed him goodbye and walked the two or three miles back to the boat in the 90degree heat.

While Bill bounced along on the road I finished cleaning the decks, scrubbed things out below and did three loads of laundry. Eventually I wore myself out and settled back with some leftover tortillas and cold chicken to watch three episodes of Breaking Bad (a USA TV series) before crawling into bed. I was beat tired but right across from the marina they were busy getting ready for a visit by the President that is scheduled for June 1st. The town is crawling with military while they ready the town for the visit and they have been banging away setting up a huge pavillion that is now filling up with booths,beer gardens and stages. For some reason for two nights running a military brass band has been practicing a stones throw from my bed. They don't even start to play until after 8 and last night they were still bugling away at 11:00.

This morning I set out with Grover on Koloa Kai for a tour of Guaymas and the nearby town of San Carlos. Grover is a long time friend of "Far Country" and when Valasta and Gordo heard we were sailing this way they told me to look him up. He not only gave me a tour of both Guaymas ans San Carlos but also filled me in on the bus system so I get around on my own. We visited with some friends of his in San Carlos, had a great lunch at JJ's taco stand and even located the local AA hall. Tomorrow I will set off on my own to see the town and hopefully get a peek in the Presidential party tent. Now though it's hot out. Really hot. I left a cup of tea in the cockpit and when I came home four hours later it was still drinkably warm! Right now the marina pool is calling my name so hasta` luego. Kat

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  1. Hi Kat! I just had the wonderful opportunity to read through all of your recent blogs - you are a champion writer, I felt like I was right there with you! I'm hoping you will post more pic's of the whale sharks.
    Fred is still stuck in Turtle Bay along with lots of other boats, with no open weather window yet!
    I am sure looking forward to hearing how your summer in the Sea goes so keep on with your great posts.
    Love yam,