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Saturday, July 31, 2010

7/30 Finally on our way to the big left turn

After six long years of planning, talking, boat shopping and more than 100 seperate boat projects we are fnally really and truly headed towards the big left turn. We will be in Neah Bay in a few days on course for our trip down the Wa, Or and Ca coasts. We left Seattle in heavy fog this morning after a few more days of work, work, work and all the visiting we could squeeze in.

One of the projects while back "home" was a trip to Second Wave in order to unload all the stuff we don't need going south. Second Wave is the local Seattle consignment shop for all things nautical. We had five large bags of cruising guides for all our travels north along with paper charts covering all the waters from here to Glacier Bay. It always feels good getting things off the boat we no longer need but this one felt great. The night before I catalogued all our charts for our southern trip and it was a great feeling to be reading names like Cabo San Lucas and Mazanillo.

Once again the boat is sitting pretty low in the water after putting away the piles of provisions for the trip south. It took three different grocery stores, two trips to Fisheries, three trips to Fred Meyer and two trips to the auto parts store. We will definitly not starve on this leg plus we fixed out battery problems, corrected the SSB problem and did a rebuild on the dingy engine and added a new prop to help our beach landings in the Mexico surf.

Once we make Neah Bay and pick up son Josh and nephew Ryan we don't have a single other have to be commitment on the callandar for the comming months. Will of course need to make arrangements for a couple of visitors but that is far enough away to give me a real feeling of really letting go thee dock lines for good.

Two nights ago I came down with a lovely summer cold complete with fever and cough to kick off this part of the trip and I already dread the homesickness lurking in my future. But small worries for a big new life journey.

Miss you, kat

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