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Monday, April 23, 2012

4/22/2012 Almost there

We are making great time and the miles are rolling by. We have just under 250 miles to go so if the winds hold we will be arriving at Hiva Oa by early morning Tuesday. In fact if we don't slow down a little bit we will arrive in the middle of the night and will have to heave to and wait for daylight. Hiva Oa doesn't have a terribly difficult approach but it's never wise to enter an unknown anchorage at night. So, two more night watches tonight, two tomorrow and a wake up. WoooooHoooo.
It seems a little unreal to be so close but I am sure it will all fall into place once we are checked in. The plan for now is to complete our official check in and then work our way clockwise around Hiva Oa before making a day passage to Fata Hiva were some of the best cultural sights remain. I will take advantage of the sunshine and flat water to get the laundry done and the boat put back in order and Bill will be busy fixing a handful of small problems. All in all it was a fine passage, few problems and the sleep deficit stayed at a minumum. Several boats had much more serious equipment failures so a lost halyard, a leaky diesel tank and leaky watermaker along with it being too bumpy to serve much in the way of gourmet meals is a small price to pay for arriving in French Polynesia aboard our own boat. I do have to admit though I can't wait to sleep through an entire night in a dry clean bed. Kat


  1. Contrats on reaching Hiva Oa! I've been following you guys on YOTREPS. Have a wonderful, restfull sleep on dry sheets.

    Cathy (s/v Sirocco)

  2. OK guys, put down the baguette and fill us in on your arrival.

    A Fan (SV Grace)