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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Uh uh, no playing with the humans you kids,


While anchored at Animas slot we got in some good fishing along the rocky points. We were calling it a day with four fish on our stringer when Bill pointed out dolphins in the distance. As we putted along in the dink they came nearer and I wondered at their size: “wow those are big dolphins.” As they came closer we could see into all the activity and realized that we were looking at dolphins, sea lions and a whole pod of pilot whales. As we paused to stare they all came nearer and the pilot whales began breaching right next to the dink, behavior we had never seen before.

As the crowd got closer Bill started the engine and moved off to the side of the froth of activity. Part of the crowd though swarmed around us. Suddenly we were moving along on plane with dolphins and small pilot whales surged around us. We flowed along in tandem for several minutes with me (of course) whooping and hollering in enthusiastic support while the air filled with whale sounds and the clicking and buzzing of the dolphins. As quickly as it had begun the older larger whales swooped in and seemed to say “uh-uh not today guys. No more playing with humans.” The youngsters and the dolphins were effectively herded off and away from us by the biggest of the pilot whales and out towards open water, Bill let off the gas and we slowed down in the waves and watched them disappear again into the blue. Amazing wildlife! Kat

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