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Friday, December 24, 2010

12/ 24 Christmas in Puerto Vallarta

Hello Everyone!
We arrived yesterday in Banderas Bay. We are currently staying in La Cruz but will make forays into the "big city" of PV. La Cruz is a "suburb" of PV and only about a 30min bus ride from old town. Yesterday we got settled in and had a walk around town but today we will venture out and see the sights. Most of the Banderas Bay area will be shutting down by early afternoon for the Christmas holiday and wont open back up until Monday! It will be interesting to be here as everything slowly shuts down around us. We hope to catch one of the local Christmas Eve dinners in La cruz and then plan on attending a 9pm mass in a tiny little church about 3 blocks from the marina area.
Our passage here was simple and easy. Our friend Mark came along as crew and so everyone arrived rested and relaxed. The wind could have been better for the passage but we had enough air to use our Yankee poled out and out bright orange and red drifter. We made a consistent and respectable 4knots in about 6knots of apparent wind. And hey, light winds sure beat a gale force blow any day.
The highlight of the passage was the presence of hundreds of sea turtles. We can only imagine the numbers involved. Just within our line of sight we saw hundreds and they were easy to spot as far as the eye could see. They showed little interest in us as they lolled about in the morning sun. When they could feel the pressure of the water increase as our boat neared they would roll and push away disappearing into the depths.
The cruiser community her in La Cruz looks to be pretty active. Last night we attended a showing of The Santa Claus at the amphitheater on the breakwater. There were 40 or 50 cruisers there and someone arranged to sell popcorn and cocoa! Next week it is Captain and Commander....and we will definitly remember to bring our cushion for the cement bleacher seats!
Merry Christmas to you all. Kat and Bill

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  1. As the town winds down the beaches may get a bit crazy, are you near any swimable beaches?

    Merry Christmas - Love Sis